Join Our Team


Thank you for your interest in becoming a brand ambassador! We are excited to grow our JaeBae team with all types of influencers! The purpose of our JaeBae’s includes the following:

Awareness: Making people aware of JaeFace Cosmetics and giving them an opportunity to buy.
Image: Creating a brand image and a personality.
Conversion: Compelling people to buy for the first time and to become paying customers.
Retention: Compelling existing customers to continue buying.


All of our JaeBaes receive the following incentives:

  • Content exclusivity
  • Feel of community
  • Event Modeling
  • Unique offers
  • Free Product(s)


Basic Requirements

1. Previous work experience as a Brand Ambassador, Promoter, Influencer or another similar role.
2. Solid social media presence on multiple platforms, with above-average followers.
3. Documented success in creating targeted seo-friendly online content.
4. Strong working knowledge of scheduling tools for social media such as Hootsuite.
5. Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
Engaging, outgoing, approachable personality.
6. Passion for meeting new people and evangelizing great products.


To begin your JaeBae journey, please email JaeFaceCos@Yahoo.Com - Subject Line: JaeBae